Enchanted Trips


Initially, i sought out to create my own music because I would literally become physically sick while listening to the music that would play on the radio. People would laugh at me when I would tell them that I couldn’t listen to certain music or thought I was being extra, but when I started to understand frequencies, the power certain vibrations and the spells in lyrics...I became not only more sensitive, but also more cautious of what I chose to consume. I felt called to create what ever it was that I was craving to hear and feel; that’s how Enchanted Trips was born. All of my music is tuned at 432 Hz and created to heighten the freqz of all who tune in. 

All of my music is available on ALL streaming platforms. Get in TUNED !

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People love my wardrobe , accessories and even my home decor and aren't even aware that most of my wardrobe is available for purchase in my boutique !  I have New, Used, antique , vintage and esoteric magic just for you.

Performance photography by both  @Sednahh & @Indicuttt . NUBI álbum coverart by @Citizins | Photographer @Natetylerimages • Enchanted Trips Cover by @Sirdexrjones .